Thirteen Reasons Why

Book: By Jay Asher.

Inciting Event: Clay receives the tapes and begins listening, then goes to his friend Tony’s place and steals his cassette player.

First Plot Point: Clay listens to the first three tapes, which all connect to one event.

First Pinch Point: Clay then listens to next five tapes. During one of the tapes, Clay sees a classmate he hasn’t seen for a while and who seems seemed down. In between tapes, Clay’s mother is concerned about why Clay is out so late.

Midpoint: Clay listens to the next tape, and sees Tony, who is the person who will release the tapes if the tapes don’t make it to person 13. Clay listens to the next tape, his. He was the only one who shouldn’t have been on the tapes, but it was an apology to Clay.

Second Pinch Point: Clay interrogates Tony about what made Hannah suicidal, but Tony didn’t know, nor why Hannah needed his tape recorder. Clay ponders continuing the tapes, but continues.

Third Plot Point: Clay listens to the next three tapes, where Hannah really goes downhill. All from one party.

Climax: Clay makes it to the final tape, where Hannah gave life one more shot. But it fails, and Hannah signs off permanently.

Climactic Moment: Hannah ends her tape with, “I’m sorry.” And then, “Thank you.”

Resolution: Clay sees the same classmate from before. Clay makes sure she doesn’t end up like Hannah.

(Submitted by Zachary Chong.)

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