The Versailles Legacy

Inciting Event: Erich is appointed coach of the Olympic equestrian team and posted closer to home, where his wife Britt lives.

First Plot Point: While on holiday in Paris, Erich triggers Britt’s old memories of her father abusing her, and she lapses into catatonia again.

First Pinch Point: The British agent, Trudell, warns Erich that if he doesn’t feed the British information about rebuilding the German army, the British will publish the truth about the murder of Britt’s father.

Midpoint: Erich’s mother dies back in England.

Second Pinch Point: Erich is transferred to Berlin, discovers another message from Trudell, and sees the Jews being persecuted.

Third Plot Point: Britt mistakenly believes Erich is breaking his word by selling her family’s home, and she leaves him.

Climax: Erich drops his longtime Russian mistress after discovering that she has been working for Trudell, the British agent.

Climactic Moment: Erich murders Trudell to protect Britt.

Resolution: After the Olympics, Erich discovers another encoded message from the British Intelligence and realizes killing Trudell was just the beginning.

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