The Silver Chair

Inciting Event: Jill and Eustace arrive in Narnia. Aslan gives Jill four signs for finding the lost prince.

First Plot Point: A parliament of owls tells the children how Rilian was lost, and sends them on their journey, dropping them off with the amusingly pessimistic Marsh-wiggle Puddleglum.

First Pinch Point: The three travelers meet the Lady of the Green Kirtle, who sends them to the giant castle of Harfang, thus diverting them from their true quest.

Midpoint: They arrive in Harfang and are warmly received by the giants. However, the three companions begin to realize the giants are not as friendly as they seem. Ultimately they discover the terrible truth: the giants are planning to cook and eat them at the Autumn Feast.

Second Pinch Point: After a pursuit by the giants which lands the three travelers far underground, Jill, Eustace, and Puddleglum are taken hostage by a company of gnomes. The grim, grotesque gnomes take them to a dark city deep underground.

Third Plot Point: After discovering of Prince Rilian and the silver chair itself, the companions are caught in the act of freeing the prince by none other than the Lady of the Green Kirtle–also revealed to be known as the Green Witch. She attempts to enchant all four before Puddleglum bravely stamps out her magical fire.

Climax: Physically, the climax begins when the Green Witch transforms into a massive green serpent. The snake is killed by Rilian, and the travelers begin to make their way to the Overland again.

Climactic Moment: After defeating the Lady of the Green Kirtle and returning to Narnia, Rilian and the others arrive at Cair Paravel just as Rilian’s father Caspian is returning. Elderly Caspian blesses his newfound son, and then dies.

Resolution: Eustace and Jill return to Aslan’s Country, where they see Caspian made young and whole again. Then, they return to their terrible English school and pay the bullies there a lesson. Jill saves her Narnian dress and later wears it to ball.

(Submitted by Bo Burnette.)

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