The Representative

Inciting Event: At “The Centre for Representative Practices,” Mariel’s tutors deem her unfit for a Representative practical.. opting an Arbitration for her instead.

First Plot Point: In the course of Mariel’s Arbitration, which appears to be going south, Croyan’s intervenes. In cahoots with Mariel’s mother (a fellow Community Representative), he attempts to discreetly get to his daughter vital data, thereby helping her to complete the Arbitration.

First Pinch Point: In the present, his task is to encounter another Representative, from another planet. Croyan takes off (after having been encountered by his daughter).

Midpoint: The existence of the four young adults in Croyan’s past.

Second Pinch Point: Back to the present, Croyan has taken off to first get the status “prematurely” that’s been put on offer to him for having served his Trokan.

Third Plot Point: Waiting, for his counterpart, Croyan’s intervenes for the second time. He uses his status, and his daughter’s vital data of an alternate supply to get the Trokan of Earth to relinquish its hold over the Trokan of Stegna and its resource.

Climax: A projection of the future that’s desired. Because of a compliant Earth, a Core Representative receives his golden opportunity to finally encounter his very own Primal Governor, the highest personal status in all the Troka. Krenok’s patriotism. Using just one more vital piece of data, can Croyan exploit it, thereby arranging Stegna’s freedom instead of merely securing its resource?

Climactic Moment: Back to the present: In the hall, where Croyan has spent the whole of the text waiting, there are now finally two Representatives present.

Resolution: A projection, into the future. A father, having removed himself from his own Trokan, is finally reunited with his daughter (and her two daughters.)

(Submitted by Thomas H. Cullen.)

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