The Hunger Games

Inciting Event: Katniss Everdeen volunteers for the games when her little sister is chosen as tribute. Peeta gets chosen as the male tribute.

First Plot Point: The lie of faking a romantic connection between Katniss and Peeta is started and developed. Katniss scores 11 in her private lesson with the game makers painting a bullseye on her for once the game starts. She has no chance of going in under the radar now. They enter the game. She delves deep into the woods, hoping to bide her time as much as possible. She’s unsure exactly what she’s going to do.

First Pinch Point: Tributes die and eventually she is forced to move from her safe environment when a wall of fire accompanied with fireballs send her in a certain direction. The careers (with Peeta) find her and chase her up a tree. She saws a home of tracker jackers down upon the careers sending them running. Peeta comes back and screams for her to run away. She does so.

Midpoint: She allies with Rue. They unite to find a way to even the odds between them and the rest of the tributes. They decide to destroy the stockpile of supplies near the cornucopia that the careers were using to survive. Katniss succeeds and returns to the woods to meet up with Rue.

Second Pinch Point: Rue is killed in front of her. She reacts by killing the boy that killed Rue.

Third Plot Point: Seneca Crane announces a rule change. He states that two people from the same district can now team up and win the games together. Katniss seeks out Peeta, finds him seriously injured needs to nurses him back to health. She must risk her life to get some medicine to do so and succeeds. She embraces the romantic story they’ve been feeding Panem.  Once they are healthy enough the game makers dry up all the water surrounding them forcing them to go to the lake at the center of the arena which is where they know they will finally have to face Cato. Cato is now the last tribute they must fight.

Climax:  Cato, Katniss and Peeta find themselves being chased by vicious wolf like creatures. They run to the cornucopia and climb it to find safety from the beasts. Cato uses Peeta as a negotiating tactic to control the situation but Katniss shoots him in the hand causing him to fall down and get mauled. He survives through the night. She ends up putting Cato out of his misery when he continues to linger on with the animals gnawing at him. It is a mercy kill.

Climactic Moment: Seneca Crane decides to change the rule back to force them to fight each other but they decide to eat the poison berries Peeta found the day before and die together. Seneca stops them and declares they both are the winners of the 74th Hunger Games.

Resolution:  Katniss and Peeta are restored to health. Katniss continues to battle with her feelings over Peeta vs Gale. She decides to embrace the illusion of love that she’s developed when she learns from Haymitch that the capitol is angry with what they did with the berries. He tells her that her only choice is to explain that she couldn’t bare the idea of killing Peeta. She does so and they return to District 12 knowing that she has to play into the lie if she doesn’t want the Capitol coming after them.

(Submitted by Kurt Petrey.)

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