The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Inciting Event: Quasimodo and the priest Frollo assault Esmeralda, who is saved by the mounted archer Phoebus.

First Plot Point: Flashback to Quasimodo’s abandonment at the cathedral.

First Pinch Point: Quasimodo is flogged and pilloried for attacking Esmeralda.

Midpoint: Frollo stabs Esmeralda’s beloved, Phoebus, and Esmeralda is blamed for murder.

Second Pinch Point: Frollo offers to help Esmeralda escape her hanging if she will be his mistress.

Third Plot Point: Esmeralda is about to be hanged, and Quasimodo saves her.

Climax: The gypsies attack the cathedral to rescue Esmeralda.

Climactic Moment: Esmeralda is hanged.

Resolution: Quasimodo kills Frollo and dies in the crypt beside Esmeralda’s corpse.

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