The Enclave

Inciting Event: Cam realizes his old Army buddy Rudy is a spy at the research company where Cam works.

First Plot Point: The frog man kills someone, and the institute director threatens to frame Cam for it.

First Pinch Point: Cam experiences an apparent hallucination that reveals to him members of the hidden enclave.

Midpoint: The frog man tries to kidnap Lacey, and Cam saves her.

Second Pinch Point: The institute director threatens Cam if he refuses to fall in line with the murder coverup and renounce his faith.

Third Plot Point: Cam and Lacey are captured and taken to the underground enclave.

Climax: The enclave’s courtroom blows up.

Climactic Moment: Cam kills the Nephilim.

Resolution: Cam takes care of his friend’s corpse, reunites with Lacey, and makes arrangements for the clones’ future.

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