The Blinding Knife

Inciting Event: 

Gavin’s POV: Gavin takes over Seer’s Island for his refugees.

Kip’s POV: Andross Guile disavows Kip.

First Plot Point:

Gavin’s POV: The Third Eye prophecies Gavin’s doom.

Kip’s POV: Kip’s Blackguard class is accelerated into full training.

First Pinch Point: Gavin kills the blue bane, but senses that forces beyond his control are threatening.


Gavin’s POV: Gavin takes on the Spectrum, gets Seers Island made a satrapy, declares war, and kicks his father off the council.

Kip’s POV: Kip becomes the owner of the forbidden Nine Pins cards when Janus Borig is murdered

Second Pinch Point: Andross Guile threatens what Gavin loves—specifically Karris.

Third Plot Point:

Gavin’s POV: Karris is beaten.

Kip’s POV: Kip makes it into the Blackguard.

Climax: Gavin and Kip battle the green bane.

Climactic Moment: Gavin lets himself be stabbed with the Blinding Knife to protect Kip.


Gavin’s POV: Gavin loses his ability to draft colors and becomes a galley slave.

Kip’s POV: Kip is captured by Zymun.

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