Shades of Milk and Honey

Inciting Event: Jane first encounters the glamourist Mr. Vincent.

First Plot Point: Jane impresses Mr. Vincent by quickly learning a one of his secret tricks of glamour.

First Pinch Point: Mr. Vincent’s pupil Beth hints at secrets in his past.

Midpoint: Jane saves Mr. Vincent after he collapses from performing too much glamour.

Second Pinch Point: Jane learns that Beth’s former glamour tutor eloped with her and was then killed in a duel by her brother.

Third Plot Point: Jane discovers that the man to whom Beth is secretly engaged is also professing engagement to Jane’s sister Melody.

Climax: Beth’s brother pursues Melody’s fiancé to challenge him to a duel.

Climactic Moment: Mr. Vincent proposes to Jane.

Resolution: Jane and Mr. Vincent marry.

Notes: When stripped to its bones here, the structure could obviously be a little tighter. The major plot points in the first half concentrate, as they should, on the main plot of Jane’s relationship with Mr. Vincent, but the Second Pinch Point, Third Plot Point, and Climax all focus on the subplot of the duel with the false suitor, which really has no impact on the main plot of Jane and Mr. Vincent.

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