Inciting Event: Scarlet learns her alcoholic father was tortured (possibly by her new acquaintance Wolf) in order to try to coerce information from Scarlet’s grandmother, who has been missing for two weeks.

First Plot Point: Wolf, a new street fighter in the neighborhood that Scarlet recently accused of kidnapping her grandmother, appears at Scarlet’s house, offering his help.

First Pinch Point:Ran, a low-ranking member of a violent gang that Wolf was previously apart  of, attacks Scarlet and Wolf in the woods as they’re making their way to Paris, where the gang’s base is located.

Midpoint: Wolf reveals that the gang members kidnapped her grandmother because she has valuable information concerning Princess Selene.

Second Pinch Point: Adri visits Prince Kai, telling him that Cinder is carrying Peony’s ID chip, giving them a means to track her. At the same time, Wolf betrays Scarlet when they reach the gang’s base, revealing that he is still an active member of the gang, which is actually a group of Lunar Special Operatives, working for Queen Levana.

Third Plot Point: An officer tracks Cinder down in a tavern, using the signal from Peony’s old ID chip.

Climax: Queen Levana unleashes her first attack on earth, using the Lunar Special Operatives she has stationed there.

Climactic Moment: While Wolf and her new companion, Thorne, are unconscious, Cinder is left with nothing but her lunar powers to defend herself as she faces a thaumaturge and his pack of blood-thirsty Lunar operatives.

Resolution: After watching a broadcast where Prince Kai announces he is forced to accept the Queen’s proposal of marriage, Cinder tells Iko that she plans to hone her Lunar powers and then she will finally stop hiding.

(Submitted by Elizabeth Newsome and edited by K.M. Weiland.)

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