Ronia the Robber’s Daughter

Book: By Astrid Lindgren

Inciting Event: Ronia meets Birk at Hell’s Gap and learns the Borka’s band of robbers has taken up residence in the other half of the fortress. Her father, Mattis, is enraged at this news.

First Plot Point: Ronia encounters Birk while wandering through the forest. When she attempts to go home, she is enticed by the call of the Unearthly Ones. Birk saves her. Ronia doesn’t remember the encounter, but now finds it hard to think badly of Birk, since he has saved her life.

First Pinch Point: Mattis tries to drive the Borka robbers out of the fortress, but fails.

Midpoint: While skiing in the winter, Ronia is trapped in the snow. Birk saves her from freezing to death, and this time she remembers the event. Ronia and Birk promise to become brother and sister.

Second Pinch Point: One of Mattis’s robbers is wounded in a skirmish with Borka’s men. Mattis vows to get revenge.

Third Plot Point: Mattis captures Birk, beats him, and plans to use him to force Borka to leave the fort. Ronia rescues him by leaping across Hell’s Gap and giving herself over to Borka’s men. Mattis is stunned and disowns Ronia. Both children are returned to their parents, but Mattis refuses to speak. Ronia and Birk decide to leave the fort and live in the forest on their own.

Climax: Winter approaches. Ronia and Birk cannot survive the winter in their cave, so Birk insists Ronia return to Mattis’s fort. However, he plans to stay and freeze to death rather than return to Borka.

Climactic Moment: Ronia finds Mattis weeping in the forest. Mattis is overjoyed to see his daughter again and begs her to come home. Ronia wishes to return, but is worried about Birk. Mattis invites Birk to come live in the fort as well, and Birk finally accepts.

Resolution: The two robber bands join forces and become one strong band of robbers. Mattis defeats Borka in a wild beast’s match to become leader of this band. Ronia and Birk both announce that they have no intention of becoming robbers when they grow up, and Noddle-Pete tells them a secret that could help them make an honest living. Ronia and Birk decide to go back to living in the forest, and promise to return to the fort before winter.

(Contributed by Zachary Holbrook.)

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