Gone Girl

Inciting Event: Nick comes home from the bar that he owns with his twin sister Margo to find that his wife has gone missing.

First Plot Point: The investigators find Amy’s first treasure hunt clue, which is an anniversary tradition, and insist on going with him in case the clues will shed some light into Amy’s recent whereabouts.

First Pinch Point: All signs are pointing to Nick being behind Amy’s disappearance. The investigators begin to find evidence like massive credit card debt and how the living room was staged.

Midpoint: In an attempt to improve Nick’s image with the public he gives a press conference but his plan fails miserably when Amy’s secret best friend and neighbor grabs the mic demanding to know what he did with his pregnant wife.

Second Pinch Point: Upon finding the final clue of the treasure hunt, Nick realizes that Amy knew about his mistress. The clues were her way of secretly telling him that she was setting him up for her murder.

Third Plot Point: Amy comes home and gets to set the record straight. She tells lies about Desi kidnapping her as she also puts Nick in a situation that he cannot refuse. He must play along or she’ll make his life miserable by framing him for attempted murder with previously stored vomit containing poison she collected for such an occasion. (Amy is truly a mastermind manipulator but she is also truly insane.) He has a plan though.

Climax: Failing to record or find any concrete evidence of Amy’s lies, Nick confronts her with his final move. He tells her of his plan to show the world his side of the story by publishing a novel revealing the truth behind what happened. She smiles at the written manuscript and notifies him that she needs to tell him something.

Climactic Moment: Amy tells Nick that she’s pregnant causing him to give up on taking Amy down. This is her final precaution to make sure that Nick will never leave her and play the part of being her perfect husband.

Resolution: Nick commits to playing the part of the perfect husband so he can be there to protect his child.

(Submitted by Kurt Petrey.)


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