Falling Into Place

Book: Amy Zhang

Inciting Event: Liz crashes her car on purpose. She thought it would kill her instantly, but she is mistaken.

First Plot Point: Liz goes to the hospital, Liz’s best friend, Julia finds out. At the beginning of the school year, Liz, Julia and their other friend, Kennie go to a party. Liz eventually leaves and goes to a place where she and her father go. Liam, the boy who has the biggest crush on Liz, goes to the hospital and worries. Liz’s mother, who is always very busy, heads straight to the hospital. In the midst of all that, they forget to tell Liz’s other friend, Kennie, who is at a dance competition. We look into Liz’s life.

First Pinch Point: Liz’s father died in an accident at age 6. Liz messes a lot of her peers’ lives in freshman year including Liam’s. The art teacher (who sees Liz as his best student) breaks down under the threat of losing his best student. We look into Julia’s life.

Midpoint: Liz begins to plan out her suicide. We look into Liz’s life again.

Second Pinch Point: Kennie comes to the hospital, angry at her friend for not telling her. We look into Kennie’s life.

Third Plot Point: Liz’s mom, Julia, and Liam talk to a lifeless-looking Liz. Meaningful words are exchanged

Climax: Liz is put into a critical surgery. In hope, Julia, Kennie, and Liz’s mom notice Liam for the first time and they hold hands

Climactic Moment: The narrator reveals their identity.

Resolution: Liz survives the surgery and comes home.

(Submitted by Zachary Chong.)

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