Inciting Event: Dracula’s otherworldly powers are revealed when Harker sees him crawling upside-down down the castle wall.

First Plot Point: Dracula arrives in England, via the shipwreck.

First Pinch Point: The stolen wolf Berserker breaks into Lucy’s room, frightens her mother to death, and allows Dracula to feast on Lucy once more.

Midpoint: Lucy is revealed to be a vampire.

Second Pinch Point: Renfield desperately warns Seward and Co. that there will be consequences if they don’t let him go.

Third Plot Point: Dracula turns Mina into a vampire.

Climax: Mina and the men set off for Transylvania in pursuit of Dracula.

Climactic Moment: They kill Dracula.

Resolution: The survivors live happily, and Mina and Harker name their child after the vampire hunting team.

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