Inciting Event: Dodger gets his first clue about who attacked Simplicity.

First Plot Point: Dodger meets a conscious Simplicity for the first time.

First Pinch Point: Dodger catches someone following him and Simplicity.

Midpoint: Dodger takes Simplicity to a new lodging to protect her.

Second Pinch Point: Dodger is told someone has accused him of murder.

Third Plot Point: Dodger is told the assassin called the Outlander is after him and Simplicity.

Climax: A stranger enters the sewers and pursues Dodger.

Climactic Moment: Dodger tells the police the Outlander killed Simplicity, so she can change her name and start a new life.

Resolution: Dodger and Simplicity get engaged, and the Queen hires Dodger as a spy.

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