Inciting Event: Cinder contacts Cress and finds out that Cress has been the one protecting their ship from being detected. Cinder needs Cress to find evidence to show the world what Levana’s planning. They set their course for the satellite to rescue Cress.

First Plot Point: The satellite crashes, leaving Cress and Thorne in the middle of a desert.

First Pinch Point: Cress runs towards an oasis, only to discover it’s a mirage.

Midpoint: Cress is kidnapped when their ‘saviors’ find out that she’s Lunar. Thorne finds out and goes after, intending to save her despite his blindness, revealing his feeling for her go deeper than the superficial.

Second Pinch Point: Soldiers find where Cinder, Cress, Thorne, and the others are hiding and surround the building they’re in.

Third Plot Point: The team begins to formulate a plan to kidnap the prince and stop the wedding.

Climax: Wolf and Cress sneak into the palace as guests, setting the plan into motion. Iko ad Cinder are disguised as android waitresses. Thorne and Doctor Erland are sneaking into the lab to obtain the medicines needed to fix his blindness.

Climactic Moment: Thaumaturge Sybil, Cress’ former mistress, confronts them on the roof with six Lunar guards. She seizes control of Wolf, turning him against the team. Iko tackles wolf, only to be smashed into the ground.

Resolution: The team escapes with the sedated prince. Doctor Erland dies in front of Queen Levana from an evolved form of Letumosis. Aboard the ship, Kai and Cinder reunite and she tells him her plan to start a revolution.

(Submitted by Elizabeth Newsome.)

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