Inciting Event: In the market place, Prince Kai brings his android to Cinder.

First Plot Point: Cinder involuntarily becomes part of a lab project to help find the antidote for the deadly plague ravaging New Beijing, after her step-sister Peony contracts the illness.

First Pinch Point: Emperor Riken dies of the plague, leaving New Beijing prone to the wiles of Levana, the bewitching Queen of Luna.

Midpoint: Cinder fixes Prince Kai’s android, which reveals information about Princess Selene, supposedly killed by Queen Levana.

Second Pinch Point: Peony dies of the plague moments before Cinder obtains an antidote.

Third Plot Point: Cinder receives a message that Prince Kai is in danger and faces certain death if he married the Lunar Queen.

Climax: In her rush, Cinder appears at the ball in a wrinkled dress and oil-stained gloves, attracting not only the attention of the crowd, but of Prince Kai and Queen Levana.

Climactic Moment: During a confrontation with Queen Levana, in which the Queen threatens to kill Cinder if the Prince won’t marry her, Cinder accidentally reveals her Lunar powers and that she is a cyborg.

Resolution: Dr. Erland uses his Lunar powers on the guard to reach Cinder. He provides her with a new state-of-the-art mechanical hand and foot. He instructs her to escape and meet him in Africa after revealing that Cinder is Princess Selene.

(Submitted by Elizabeth Newsom.)

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