A Princess of Mars

Inciting Event: John Carter finds himself transported to Mars and discovers his human strength gives him superhuman abilities in Mars’s lower gravity.

First Plot Point: The Tharks defeat a fleet of airships from Helium and take Dejah Thoris prisoner.

First Pinch Point: John Carter is threatened with death should he and Dejah Thoris try to escape the Tharks.

Sola reveals that her father is Tars Tarkas.

Second Pinch Point: 
Captured by the Warhoons, Carter is forced to fight in their arena.

Third Plot Point: John Carter arrives in Zodanga and learns that Dejah Thoris has married Sab Than.

Climax: The people of Helium and the Tharks join forces to defeat Zodanga.

Climactic Moment With Mars’s air growing thin, John Carter races to the atmosphere plant but falls unconscious before the plant can be restored to operation.

Resolution: John Carter finds himself back on Earth in the Arizona desert.

(Submitted by Will King.)

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