A Noble Groom

Inciting Event: Carl arrives in Michigan, and he and Annalisa meet.

First Plot Point: Carl goes to work on Annalisa’s farm until her future husband can arrive to help her.

First Pinch Point: Annalisa’s greedy landlord tries to get her to sell; he warns Carl not to get in his way.

Midpoint: Carl contracts typhoid.

Second Pinch Point: The landlord has Carl knocked unconscious and the barn set afire.

Third Plot Point: Annalisa’s betrothed arrives from Germany.

Climax: The landlord forces Annalisa to sign a bill of sale for her land while a prairie fire rages.

Climactic Moment: Annalisa defies her father to accept Carl’s proposal of marriage.

Resolution: Carl earns money by selling his inventions, and Annalisa makes amends with her father.

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