The Color of Magic Terry Pratchett

The Colour of Magic

Inciting Event: The tourist TwoFlower arrives in Ankh Morpork. (Key Event: Rincewind the wizard is hired by TwoFlower as a guide.) First Plot Point: TwoFlower is kidnapped by Ymor, inspiring Rincewind to affect a rescue First Pinch Point: Fate plays a dangerous piece in his cosmic dice game against The Lady, putting Rincewind and Twoflower […]

Broken Eye Brent Weeks Lightbringer

The Broken Eye

Inciting Event: Kip escapes his half-brother Zymun. He ends up on an island, where he finally taps into his powers and begins shedding his inferiority complex. I’ll say right off that the structure in this book is … tricky. In part, this is because it’s a sequel (in which the various structural moments are often […]

Storming 150-255


Inciting Event: When bodies fall in front of Hitch’s plane, one of the survivors is the eccentric Jael, who speaks English well enough to insist he help her escape a strange figure named Zlo by flying her back home to the sky. Hitch steals a plane and finds himself back on the wrong side of […]

Howl's Moving Castle Diana Wynn Jones

Howl’s Moving Castle

Inciting Event: Sophie is cursed when the Witch of the Waste (seemingly) shows up at random in Sophie’s hat shop, tells her to “stay away from what belongs to me,” and turns her into an old woman. Immediately after, Sophie goes to the Waste and takes shelter in Howl’s moving castle. In the movie, we […]

Balanced on the Blade's Edge Lindsay Buroker

Balanced on the Blade’s Edge

Inciting Event: Disgraced pilot Ridge arrives at the mountain prison mine he has been put in charge of for the next year. He meets Sardelle, a strange woman he believes is a prisoner—but who is, in fact, a magic-wielding Referatu who has just emerged from a 300-year stasis. As in most romances, the Inciting Event […]

Magician's Nephew Chronicles of Narnia C.S. Lewis

The Magician’s Nephew

Inciting Event: Using her as a guinea pig in an “experiment,” Uncle Andrew tricks Polly into touching one of his magic rings, sending her to the Wood between the Worlds and horrifying Digory, who has no idea why his friend has vanished. Digory also must touch a ring to go rescue Polly. First Plot Point: Digory and […]

Brandon Sanderson Words of Radiance

Words of Radiance

Inciting Event: There are a handful of “Inciting Events” happening throughout the second half of the First Act to the various POV characters, but the primary Inciting Event—the one that affects the main plot and all the characters—is the apparent death threat that appears on Highprince Dalinar’s wall during one of his highstorm visions. As […]


Inciting Event: After waking up in the strange world of Lael and discovering that this is the world in which all humans live when “dreaming,” Chris tries to shut off the dreams using his ability as a “Gifted”—someone whose consciousness is the same in both worlds and who is able to transport physical objects between […]

Chronicles of Narnia Lion Witch and Wardrobe C.S. Lewis

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

Inciting Event: Lucy Pevensie enters a wardrobe and finds herself in the land of Narnia, where she befriends the faun Tumnus. First Plot Point: During a game of hide-and-seek, disbelieving Edmund enters the wardrobe after Lucy and meets Jadis, the White Witch. The Witch offers him Turkish Delight and promises him the throne of Narnia. […]

Princess of Mars Edgar Rice Burroughs

A Princess of Mars

Inciting Event: John Carter finds himself transported to Mars and discovers his human strength gives him superhuman abilities in Mars’s lower gravity. First Plot Point: The Tharks defeat a fleet of airships from Helium and take Dejah Thoris prisoner. First Pinch Point: John Carter is threatened with death should he and Dejah Thoris try to escape the Tharks. Midpoint: 
Sola […]