Relax! Beta Readers Aren't Scary: Here Are 3 Truths About Them

Relax! Beta Readers Aren’t Scary: Here Are 3 Truths About Them

Have you ever written a terrifying character? Nate Williams is my latest antagonist, and each time he encounters my protagonist, his entire demeanor makes my skin crawl. But when writing Nate, I wasn’t nearly as terrified of him as I was scared about what my beta readers would think. If you’ve ever sent a manuscript out […]

Why Bullying (Your Protagonist) Is a Good Thing

When you watched the class bully shove the school nerd into his locker and hold his notebook out of reach in high school, you were probably the person looking on and wanting to do something to stop the situation. Given enough courage, you would rush into save the victim. On no terms would you actually […]

5 Ways to Choose the Right Word (Without a Thesaurus!)

5 Key Ways to Choose the Right Word (Without a Thesaurus!)

Figuring out how to choose the right word is probably only the second most difficult writing trait to master (right after ideas). Your word choice is a crucial part of your writing that directly correlates with your readers’ reactions to your content. Sure, you could have a spectacular idea, but without the appropriate words, you’re […]