8 Tips for Editing

8 Tips for Editing Other Writers’ Work (While Remaining Friends)

Have you ever been asked to edit someone else’s work? Do you need tips for editing without ruining friendships? You’re not alone! If you’re part of a workshop group, or if you have a bunch of writer friends, then you’ll probably find yourself acting as an editor at some point. Perhaps: In a group workshop […]

7 Ways to Build Your Writing Confidence

7 Ways to Build Your Writing Confidence

How confident are you about your writing? Ideally, you feel a happy certainty that you’re a good writer. You realize your first draft won’t be perfect, but you’re confident you can improve on it. You’ve know you’ve got a message worth sharing or a story worth telling. If you’re like many writers, though, your confidence […]

How to Get Feedback on Your Writing (and Sort the Good from the Bad)

One of the fastest ways to progress as a writer is to get feedback. But how can you get feedback on your writing? However many books you read, however many conferences you attend, direct advice about your work-in-progress will let you see exactly what’s working well and, more importantly, what isn’t. But if you’re fairly new to writing, […]