7 Tips for Editing Your Way to the Best Story on the Planet

7 Tips for Editing Your Way to the Best Story on the Planet

I’ve decided to give myself the week off. Instead of today’s regular post, I hope you’ll enjoy the following collection of posts on the all-important topic of editing. With National Novel Writing Month winding down, I’m sure many of you are itching to start refining those rough drafts. Below, you’ll find some tips on general editing techniques, accepting editorial suggestions from critique partners, and acing your rewrite. Enjoy!

How I Edit

Putting Your Ego in Your Back Pocket

Killing Your Darlings

Embrace Your Inner Editor

Rewriting Made Easy

10 Ways to Write Skinny Sentences

Should You Edit As You Go?

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  1. THank you for this, I’m editing today and some reminders are great!


  2. Glad the timing was good for you!

  3. I’m sure this wasn’t your intention, but now I want a Hostess cupcake.

  4. All part of my evil plan!

  5. I will take some time to read through these, thank you.

  6. Hope you find something you can use!

  7. I always find something useful on your blog! Thank you. 🙂

  8. Thank you for these! I’m currently in the process of editing, so these posts will be helpful. Definitely bookmarking. =)


  9. @Glynis: Makes my day to hear that!

    @Tessa: You’re welcome. Happy editing!

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