5 Things You Can Read While I'm On Vacation

5 Things You Can Read While I’m On Vacation

5 Things You Can Read While I'm On VacationWhoops! I’m not here today. I’m off partying someplace exotic. Or… actually not. But I am enjoying a ten-day vacation while visiting family! While I’m gone, I hope you get lots of writing done. But if you want to take a break and read something, check out the following five links for inspiration and fun.

1. Read the Post I Link to More than Any Other

Find Out if Your Prologue Is Destroying Your Story’s Subtext


Take a look at how poor prologues sap stories, how no prologue can strengthen stories, and how to determine if your story is one of the exceptions.

2. Buy the Books I Recommend More Than Any Other (They’re Not What You Think)

Characters and Viewpoint Orson Scott Card

Characters Emotions and Viewpoint by Nancy Kress

Why these books? Because I get asked about POV probably more than any other topic. (You can find all my recommended writing books here.)

3. Listen to My New Favorite Writing Music

4. Read This Post I Wish I’d Written

Authentic Female Characters vs Gender-Swaps by Jo Eberhardt on Writer Unboxed

forget genre what kind of story are you writing

I’ve been mulling a post on this topic after watching Marvel’s Jennifer Jones (which, in my opinion, gets this very right for the most part). I may yet do a post on authentic female characters, but for now, just read this.

5. Read These Story Structure Database Analyses

Don’t forget, I usually update the Story Structure Database weekly. You can sign up for updates in the sidebar on the Database page.

Spider-Man Homecoming

Gone With the Wind Margaret Mitchell Scarlett OHara Rhett Butler

Star Wars Rogue One

I’ll be back on Monday the 18th with a new post. See you then!

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  1. Good article, I have #2. I also like listening to music of come a little bit y closer by Johnny Duncan and Janice Fricke and also guantanamera going to learn how to play on the Piano . Do you keep a journal for writing on vacation?

  2. I would love to see a post on your thoughts of Jessica Jones. I found the other 3 Marvel Netflix shows to be inconsistent – largely thanks to their insistence on trying to fill 13 episodes a season.

    But I thought Jessica Jones was phenomenal. And when I watched it, I couldn’t help but think of your constant advice to never be nice to your protagonist. EVERY time I thought Jessica was at rock bottom, they found a way to knock her down even harder.

  3. Trevor Dutcher says

    Wow. That Archangel playlist is amazing. I’ve seen a lot of writing music posted by other authors, but none were ever quite right for me or my style. But this one is excellent, especially if you’re writing high action or some sort of crescendo. Thanks so much for sharing, I’ve got some new writing music now.

  4. Have fun on your vacation! We’ll miss your posts here but looking forward to your return. 🙂

  5. I like Two Steps from Hell. I especially listen to that type of music when I’m writing fight scenes or going for certain moods. Their music has that epic sweep; if you’re writing adventure of any kind (sci-fi, fantasy, or historical) this is for you. I love listening to video game soundtracks because of this kind of orchestral music. I think this is where the Mozarts and Beethovens of our day have gone.

    And I just love the YouTube comments this music gets, e.g., neighbors demanding people turn UP the music, police arresting neighbors who complain about the music, people firing their bosses after listening to the music 🙂

    Enjoy your vacation!

  6. Nice ethnic wailing on your writing soundtrack lol. Very Gladiator-soundtrack-esque.

    Hope you have a restful vacation, cheers

  7. Such a good putting, Katie.
    I also liked your readers’ comments. Unfortunately, my vacation is still coming soon but I definitely consider your database is very useful. Thanks for sharing with us.
    By the way, Archangel is awesome!

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