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20 Unique Gifts for Writers This Christmas

20 unique gifts for writers this christmasChristmas gifts that offer a mix of whimsy, fun, and practicality are the best. Whimsy, fun, and practicality are also three things writers seek on as daily basis. Guess that means we’re the perfect gift recipients! This year’s round-up of unique gifts for writers will help you find the right gift for your writing buddies, critique partners, and editors—and it just might help you nudge family and friends in the right direction for your own stocking as well.

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3 Gifts for Writers Under $10

(Note: the following are affiliate links.)

1. “I Read Past My Bedtime” Keychain – $

1 Keychain

2. Gold (or Silver—or Rose Gold) Mouse Pad – $

3. “My First Draft of My Amazing Novel” Notebook – $$

6 Gifts for Writers Under $20

4. Q&A a Day for Writers: 1-Year Journal – $$

5. Desktop Weekly Planner and Organizer – $$

6. “I Am Either Writing or Thinking About It” Phone Stand and Grip – $$

7. Writer Patent Prints, Set of 4 – $$

8. Library Card Tote Bag – $$

9. “Plot–It Builds Character” T-Shirt – $$

5 Gifts for Writers Under $30

10. “Caffeinated Writer” Spoon – $$

11. “Write Your Story” Ring – $$

12. Customized Journal – $$

13. “Pay No Attention to My Browsing History—I’m a Writer, Not a Serial Killer” Mug – $$

14. Superhero Bookend – $$

3 Gifts for Writers Under $50

15. “The Reader” Desktop Decor – $$

16. WriteMind Planner – $$

Writing Writing Journal

>>Click here to read my rave review of the WriteMind Planner.

17. The Writer’s Map: An Atlas of Imaginary Lands – $$

3 Gifts for Writers Under $70

18. Tree Bookcase – $$

19. Monitor Stand – $$

20. Writing Desk – $$

Bonus Christmas Gifts for Writers: Writing Books

And if you still haven’t found the right gift for your list or a fellow writer’s this year, you can’t go wrong with the gift of learning. You can check out my full list of Recommended Reading for Writers and my own series of writing books below. Merry Christmas, everyone!

Wordplayers, tell me your opinion! What gifts for writers have you asked Santa for this year? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. “Plot, it builds character,” heehee, best tee shirt ever. These are all great gift ideas!

  2. Helen Aveling says

    I know I ought to be immune to it by now, but why don’t people living in the US acknowledge that there is life outside the country’s borders? It needn’t be much, just a brief note.

    • K.M. Weiland | @KMWeiland says

      Because all the links go to the United States Amazon? You’re right. I didn’t even think about that, and I apologize.

  3. What a great list. Thanks!

  4. Michelle Howell says

    Love these! Just picked out several holiday gifts. Thank you!

  5. Great ideas! Love the superhero bookends! Thanks for doing the shopping for us.

  6. I love your list! On my list is Robert McKee’s Dialogue (because it’s a struggle for me) Do you have any books on crafting better dialogue?

  7. Sophia Ellen says

    Love the mug!!!!!!❤️

  8. I want most of them. The shirt, the reader, the key chain, your Outlining and Character Arc books. But my most wanted is the tree bookcase. Must have it!

  9. For the Write Mind Planner I’m getting a planner cover courtesy of Cocoa Paper, because I need to be able to transport the planner without worrying about the rings getting snagged. Perry Elisabeth @ WriteMind confirmed the planner fits the dimensions so it’s a go. It’s a little pricier than the other gifts, but I think the planner covers beautifully complement the WriteMind planners (all those pockets) in function.

  10. I think my first suggestion got eaten, FYI. Second suggestion, if you like to print out your first draft to edit, you may like the spring binders from Semikolon: https://www.jennibick.com/products/european-bookcloth-clamp-binder-for-loose-sheets. You don’t need to punch holes in your documents because the binder itself is a “clamp” that holds about 150 8×11 inch papers. And the Semikolon cloth binders are pretty; I have one in turquoise and one lavender.

  11. LOL I love how the last one was just a writing desk. Still very important, but I was very amused.

  12. I like the writing tote bag and the planner and the maps book you listed. I am writing on my wip journal of my characters in first person and also finishing part 2 draft and also book 1 draft of journal then part three then I will put all three journal parts in one book for Leilani’s journal so she can hand down to her children then they get older and also have grandchildren.

  13. I love the “Pay No Attention to My Browsing History—I’m a Writer, Not a Serial Killer” mug, haha. Definitely applicable to me and a couple of my good writer friends! XD

  14. I love journals and diaries. Rereading the ones I wrote in my teenage years helped me make sense of my past and how I’ve changed since.

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