13 Places to Find Inspiration

13 Places to Find Inspiration

13 Places to Find Inspiration PinterestToday, I’m honored to be hosted on the Conquering Writer’s Block & Summoning Inspiration blog tour by Matt Delman. Be sure to stop by his blog to read the guest post “13 Places to Find Inspiration.” Below is a sneak peek:

People are always asking writers where they get their ideas. My typically trite reply is, “Everywhere.” I once grabbed a kitchen towel and told someone, “I could write a story about this towel if I wanted to.” While that response was likely a bit extreme (I could write a story about a kitchen towel, but I couldn’t guarantee that it’d be interesting!), it is true that inspiration is all around us.

Conquering Writer's Block and Summoning Inspiration K.M. Weiland Audio BookAs I explain in Conquering Writer’s Block and Summoning Inspiration, inspiration is always there for the taking. We just have to figure out where the harvest is ripest. Following are some places where we’re always sure to find inspiration.

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  1. Similar to your towel, an article was on the teacher’s desk and the assignment was to write a story about it. Stories ran from sci-fi to romance and humor.
    Inspiration is in all things but different for each of us.

  2. it’s true! I feel like I’m that way, but I didn’t get that way overnight. I think maybe you have to train your mind to be open to creative thoughts and then sitting and chasing them down the rabbit hole… yes? :o) <3

  3. @Mary: I always find it fascinating how two or more writers can take the same kernel of inspiration and transform it into stories that are completely different.

    @LTM: I would suspect so. I think I came early to that “training” by working on a monthly newsletter throughout high school. I had to come up with two to three new story ideas every month. Now that I think about it, that experience was probably essential in helping me realize that inspiration is meant to be found, not waited upon.

  4. What is it about the shower that’s so inspiring? While I completely agree that the best ideas seem to hit me in the shower, I don’t think I’ll ever understand why that is. Would be an interesting government study…

    Great list! I was wondering if you would be interested in doing a guest post on my blog, Scribbles and Ink Stains, if you have the time or inclination; I’d be honoured if you would – your posts are always interesting and insightful.

  5. My guess is that the shower’s magic stems from the fact that it inspires all the senses: touch, sound, sight, even smell and taste sometimes.

  6. Not to mention your brain has a chance to go into overdrive, as most people shower without actually thinking about what they have to do next.

  7. Good point. The fact that we’re in a comfortable places means it’s easier for our subconscious to take over as well.

  8. A dark room does it for me, like when I’m putting my kids to bed and waiting for one to fall asleep. I get the best ideas there!

  9. Definitely! Don’t why I didn’t think of that one. That quiet space just before dropping off to sleep is one of my most productive imagining times.

  10. Yeah, this is true. A writer does find inspiration everywhere. All we have to do is learn to be ready for it, learn to know how to find it. That’s what writing’s about.


  11. That’s my take on it. If inspiration is everywhere, all we have to learn how to do is reach out and grab it.

  12. — a few years ago: my brother was slamming the microwave shut, screaming something about it being broken. sarcastically, my mother remarked that i’d probably find something to write out of it. i took it as an amusing prompt and did exactly that! when i showed it to her, she gave me her /I rest my case/ look.

    — in total agreement about the shower. [if only we could get in there with our netbooks and journals ;)]

  13. Amazing what ridiculous little things can spark a story idea, isn’t it?

  14. I also get inspired by drawing. Sometimes, when my creative muscles is stifling, I start doodling and get totally stretched out and refreshed. I also like to change my writing location, it helps me to write and ah! the moment I visit a place and remember how many ideas had been born here :!

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